About Me

IMG_20130815_150703Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Lyndsey. I’m a former teen mom and current single mom of two beautiful daughters, which is a major inspiration in my career desire to practice social work with children and young parents. I’m currently working towards a B.S. degree in Social Work and I have prior associates degrees in Early Childhood Education (2010) and Human Services (2013). In addition to juggling school, children, health issues, pets, and my household, I enjoy photography, writing, couponing/bargain shopping, and gardening (well, when my yard isn’t covered in snow!)

ClearComplexity: it’s clearly complex.

I feel the world can be a complex place to navigate at times, which is where I got my blog title from. I will forever be in the process of self growth and acceptance, as I continually expand knowledge of myself and the world. It’s my hope to provide some tools that have helped me and may also help you in your journey of navigating this complex world.

You can contact me by email at: ClearComplexityBlog@gmail.com

On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClearComplexity

On twitter: ClearComplexity


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